ASPIS GAMES is an independent production company, focused on creating unforgettable moments, through high-quality digital media, that respect and propel humanity and family values.


The word “ASPIS” comes from the Greek word “ΑΣΠΙΣ” which means “shield.” The shield is for protection of children and adults from the corrosive values of popular media.


Our mission is to produce films and tell stories that will entertain, inspire, challenge, encourage and excite viewers, add value to their life, and drive them to THRIVE.

Born To Thrive!

Don’t settle for anything less than 100%









  • Africa 100%
  • Asia 100%
  • Australia 100%
  • Europe 100%
  • North America 100%
  • South America 100%

Fun for Family & Friends

Aspis Games is dedicated to bring families and friends together spending quality time!

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