Welcome to the world of Inventors & Investors, where strong Trade & Negotiation skills will help build your own TRUSTS.


Born To Thrive!









“ASPIS GAMES’ strongest meaning… in your heart, to your feeling… it’s your time to collect it… and reserve it in your mind very deep.”

  • Dice less 100%
  • Economic 86%
  • Negotiation 55%
  • Probabilities 68%
  • Resource Management 86%

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Fun for Family & Friends

TRUST is a unique trading and negotiation, economic board game.  In this game of “Inventors and Investors” you earn money by creating TRUSTS & making profitable trades with the other players. The player with the most money at the end of the game is the winner. It’s Dice-less, Economic & Strategy game for ages 13+. Have fun!